First party insurance lawsuits are claims brought by a policyholder against his or her insurance company. Our first party insurance litigation attorneys regularly represent investors, businesses and homeowners in lawsuits against insurance companies for acting in bad faith and failing to pay claims after natural disasters and other events that may trigger the policy’s insured event.

Insurance companies have a duty to act in good in faith when deciding whether to pay claims. If this duty is breached, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. The attorneys at Consumer Law Office, P.A. represent clients for claims against insurance companies where coverage has been inappropriately denied or delayed. We handled first party insurance claims involving:

• Commercial Coverage

• Business interruption insurance

• Environmental Coverage

• Property damage insurance

We have significant experience dealing with the tactics used by the insurance industry to deny or delay paying claims. For example, after you file a property damage claim with your insurance company, the company may send an insurance adjuster to inspect the damage and settle the claim. The adjuster may be an employee of the insurance company and as an employee of the insurance company, the adjuster will try to settle the claim for the least amount of money possible, in some cases less than the fair value of the property damage. If this happens to you, our first party insurance attorneys may negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf for a higher settlement amount. If these negotiations do not produce an acceptable settlement offer, the attorneys at Consumer Law Office, P.A. may file a lawsuit against the insurance company seeking the fair value of the damages you incurred and additional damages and rewards that may be allowed by law.