Homeowners Mar13


Insurance is a necessity that has become a component of nearly every person’s life. We must insure our homes to have the right to own them. Many of us will pay thousands of dollars in insurance premiums per year so that you are protected in the case of an incident like a natural disaster. Unfortunately, many insurance compa...

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Warehouse/Industrial Hotels/Condo/Buildings/Malls Mar13

Warehouse/Industrial Hotels/Condo/Buildings/Malls

Your business is important to us as it is to you. During the event of a major loss your focus should be on maintaining your businesses operations, not worrying about the complexity of insurance claims process. That’s where Consumer Law Office, P.A. and its team of experienced attorneys come in. Our attorneys have years of experi...

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Property Managers Mar13

Property Managers

Disasters can be overwhelming for those in the property management industry. Attending to your clients investments is the immediate priority. Almost immediately issues arise concerning tenant safety and comfort. Settling a property insurance claim can become an onerous burden at an already stressful time. Consumer Law Office, P.A. ...

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Assignments of benefit and Mitigation Contractors Mar13

Assignments of benefit and Mitigation Contractors

If you are a water restoration company, water remediation company, plumber, roofer or contractor who has an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) from the policyholder or homeowner and the insurance company refuses to pay your invoice, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The insurance companies purposely ignore and deny AOB claims to save money hoping the co...

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