If you are a water restoration company, water remediation company, plumber, roofer or contractor who has an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) from the policyholder or homeowner and the insurance company refuses to pay your invoice, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The insurance companies purposely ignore and deny AOB claims to save money hoping the contractors, water restoration companies will take pennies on the dollar or just give up trying to collect what’s duly owed. Property insurance companies like Citizens Property Insurance Company, Tower Hill Select, State Farm, Universal, Homeowner’s Choice, People’s Trust Insurance Company, often falsely claim that water restoration companies are all frauds that falsify their invoices. Insurance companies are lobbying the Florida legislature to change the law on Assignments of Benefits (AOB). But now there here is something you and your water restoration, plumbing, roofing or contracting company can do to get your AOB invoices paid by the carrier. Contact the experienced attorneys at Consumer Law Office, P.A. to get you paid, often full invoice amounts if the bills are reasonable and supportable with logs and photos. Our Florida licensed lawyers will file suit immediately to get the process started.

What exactly is an Assignment of Benefits or AOB? Water restoration companies, mold-mitigation experts, plumbers and other contractors can receive an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) from the policyholder or homeowner to legally obtain their rights to pursue payment directly from the insurance company for services rendered. Consent from the insurance company is not required as many insurance companies would try to have you believe. Insurance companies may attempt all sorts of tactics and false legal arguments hoping the contractors will accept pennies on the dollar or will just give up in pursuing payment on their invoice. They might claim the AOB was invalid, that the contractor has no standing, that there is no insurable interest, that there is no coverage or that the bill is inflated. Don’t sell your mold -mitigation, water restoration, general contractor, roofing or plumbing company short. Speak to the attorneys at Consumer Law Office, P.A. to deal with the adjuster and the insurance company lawyers.