Insurance is a necessity that has become a component of nearly every person’s life. We must insure our homes to have the right to own them. Many of us will pay thousands of dollars in insurance premiums per year so that you are protected in the case of an incident like a natural disaster. Unfortunately, many insurance companies fail to properly pay on claims after an incident has occurred. As a homeowner that has recently gone through a hardship, dealing with a difficult insurance company can deter you from getting the full amount that you are owed.

At Consumer Law Office, P.A., our team understands that when a policyholder who has paid for insurance premiums submits a claim to their insurer, there is an expectation in place that the company will act in good faith and honor the claim. Many times, however, the insurance company will not honor the claim.

The attorneys at Consumer Law Office, P.A. have a myriad of experience defending clients and recovering the benefits to which they’re entitled. We’re focused on achieving rapid results and engages in aggressive litigation for fast settlement or conclusion at trial where necessary. Your insurance company has the resources to hire experts to protect their interests; your representation should be no different.

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